How Daily Reflections Can Help You Transform Your Life

Posted in Transformation On Apr 18, 2019

Real transformation comes from reflecting on our life experiences. The process starts with reflection, leads to understanding and ends with transformation. To have sharp insights about how the future will look like we must first look back with honesty. To plan for the days ahead we need to reflect and look back on the days just past. Through reflecting on our experiences, things bubble up before our eyes so we can come into a resolution of what needs to be done. Without reflecting, we are living habitually and unconsciously. We will feel victimized because we are unaware that the status we are in is a result of our traumatic experiences somewhere in the past. What reflection makes is casting the lights of awareness on the dark spots of our past.

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Our displaced feelings can be attributed to unconscious living. Some of us had bitten their tongues when we have been yelled at by a superior and went speechless and afraid to fight or yell back. Bottling up our unexpressed emotions appears later when we yell at someone who has done nothing wrong to us. The time between being wronged by superior and expressing these displaced emotions fills us with feelings of uneasiness and worry and many recurring baggage inside our minds. Until we reflect on these traumatic experiences to extract the meaning behind your uneasiness, no progress can be made. Reflection leads to understanding which shows you what to do with what you know.

Our diseases are just hangover of the past. The seat of our diseases is our minds. Our memories are tangled in many things and cause our minds to start winding. To unwind our minds we need to run through a cleaning and purging technique on a daily basis. This technique can best be applied daily before going to sleep. You go backwards through the memories of the whole day. Don’t start from the morning but rather from where you are and go backwards till your first experience in the morning. Your day will be filmed in front of you. Your mind is filming the shots while your awareness is watching the shots and shedding lights on the shots that need to be improved or deleted. During these moments your mind can be cleared from the excessive baggage.

The act of committing suicide, according to psychiatrists, is a product of mental illness. The act itself is borne of feelings of depression as a way to escape psychic torment. The tragic death of actor Robin Williams  who died of suicide in 2014 has left many reeling. He was known for having difficulties with alcohol and depression despite his astounding success and universal popularity.

Prior to his death, Robin was suffering from a severe form of an incurable mental illness. In an article called “The terrorist inside my husband’s brain,” his widow, Susan Schneider Williams, notes that many months before her husband’s death, he was under the care of doctors. They agreed that he suffers from gastrointestinal problems, insomnia and a tremor. She elaborated on the change in his personality and his obsession with anxiety and memory problems that interfered with his ability to memorize movie lines. He was treated with psychotherapy.

Make reflection a part of your daily routine. Reflection helps you unwind your mind that becomes tangled with many burdens. Through this reflective time, light of awareness makes it clear to you which areas in your life need to be taken care of.

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