How to Reverse Engineer Your Life in Real Time

Posted On Jun 24, 2019

To reverse-engineer your life, you need to take a step back and examine every aspect of your life. Man is not a machine; yet, he has and uses a machine. In order to understand how a piece of machinery works, engineers take the pieces apart and examine how the composition of this machinery works. This methodology is called reverse engineering. The aim is to understand how the process works and how you can duplicate it in your life. Before you reverse-engineer any process, you’ve already seen the final picture. You know the end of the story. How the successful Bill Gates  is made up of? What I see now is one of the richest men in the world and a great leader. How can I reverse engineer this legend? Your job is to study and examine a model of your choice and see how you can make a little bit of fine-tuning; because after all, you are not a clone but an original human being.

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Why oftentimes our dreams take the backseat whereas the hustle of everyday life takes the precedence. Being educated on the importance of achieving our goals in life doesn’t seem to help us being ruthless in achieving them. We seem to confuse the importance of achieving our goals with the urgency of every day’s pressing activities. Activities range from, taking kids to school, to washing cars; to cleaning dishes; to having time to make a daily stretches. It’s no wonder a great percentage of our stress in life can be attributed to not having enough time in our day. The end result is: a deep frustration for not getting results of what truly matters to us.

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To turn your life around, start with visualizing how would you like your life to be like. How your perfect day looks like? In writing your perfect day, you instinctively prioritize what is actually matter to you - the thing that makes you happy. What matters to you, might be: your family, financial freedom and helping others succeed. These are your values. Your goals should be consistent with these values. After setting your goals, reverse-engineer how to achieve these soul-fulfilling goals. Be ruthless and focused in pursuing these goals. I encourage you stick to one major goal that, if achieved in the coming 3 months, will create momentum for you and help you proceed with the other goals.

The lifelong entrepreneur and savvy investor, Gary Vaynerchuck, attributes his unmatched success in the last 10 years to one single habit that changes everything for him. That habit is: being able to reverse-engineer the finish line of his career in real time. According to him, reverse-engineering, is to back, step by step, from the big dream you have to this very moment in time. You got to figure out what the steps are. How to get there? What do you need to do consistently?

To put reverse engineering into focus, you need, according to Gary, to simultaneously have the long-term view along with the short term-action. The two must be acted upon and be present in real time. He cited a good example,” If I am 80 years old and still a business man, how do I want to be talked about? What kinds of relationships do I want to have? And most of all: how do I want to feel about myself? Remembering these things, I make sure all my behavior adds up directly to them.”

Reverse engineering is done through visualizing the end result and figuring out how to achieve it in real time. The process starts with holding a picture of what you really love and moving to work backwards to achieve that favorable picture. Throughout the process you will undergo obstacles, both internal and external, but your willingness and ability to reach your goals will make a massive difference in your life and the life of your loved ones.

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