How Taking Things For Granted Is Preventing Your Real Growth

Posted On Feb 28, 2019

One of life’s greatest ironies is that the moment we take things for granted is the moment our growth comes to a halt. The gift of life was not given to us to be taken for granted. The minutest contents of our life be they other human beings, our loved ones, or even our bodies shouldn’t be taken for granted. For life itself is changing and happening in the here and now. Our minds stand in contrast to living in the moment. This marvelous bio-computer likes to invent the future and keep things in discipline. Because our minds are on the future, we lose touch with the gifts around us: the reality of life. Our minds create perception while our heart knows, enjoys and lives in the eternity of the present moment.

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Our boredom is an indication of taking things for granted. You are market leader in an industry, for example. By time, you grow complacent as you know the ins and outs of the industry you are in. The moment you begin to lose interest because everything is proceeding as planned is the beginning of your suffering. That’s why great market leaders such as Coca Cola  and AT&T  have lost leadership in areas they were supposed to leaders by default and new entrants took the lead. Caffeine-free soft drinks weren’t introduced by Coca Cola and so are cell phones - They weren’t introduced by AT&T.

To stop the allure of taken things for granted is to keep reinventing yourself. Your mindset needs to be upgraded in order to keep everything alive in your life. Your obsolete mindset is looking at your growth as a goal in itself. That’s why when your reach that goal you feel complacent, indifferent and taken things for granted. Your new mindset should look at your growth as a process. You strive to make the moment you are living in the best and think of how the day you are living is the best day of your life. You appreciate everything life throws at you. Even the misfortunes hide within blessings.

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There is no way you can appreciate what you have unless first experience the agony of losing. That’s life’s hardest lesson that award-winning actress Naomi Watts  learned by heart. Losing her father at the age of six and leaving her homeland left a dent in her soul. She moved with her brother and mother to Wales where she lived with her maternal grandparents.

A lot of sadness in her childhood, as she once confesses, taught her to take nothing for granted. The lesson learned were that good things go wrong and that bad fortune can befall anyone. She contributes for fund-raising campaigns for Breast Health International. She tries to alleviate the burdens of the patients to cope with treatment.

Taking things for granted prevents you from appreciating and enjoying the beauty of the present moment. Your real growth is not a destination you arrive at in life but rather a process of living every single moment with grace and bliss.

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