How to Stand By Your Decisions In The Face of Challenges

Posted On Apr 25, 2019

There is no right or wrong decisions, only our mindset makes it so. On the one side of that valuable currency called decision there is winning; on the other, there is learning. Losing is not an option to be considered. Only the short-sighted see the losing side. They firstly choose not to succeed by mentally indoctrinating the loss option. Conversely, the adaptable, agile and persistent few look at the apparent loss as a learning opportunity. Out of this learning opportunity comes experience. That experience begets right decisions. But it is through doing, measuring and learning that we can change courses to reach our destination. Cracking the code of success takes lots of trials and errors. It is a process that entails one to keep destination in mind and correct his course when faced with obstacles. Being adaptable and agile throughout this journey is the true mark of an entrepreneurial mindset.

Our early conditioning instills in us the fear of failure rather than the desire for success. That fear permeates throughout our journey of life. Our motivation is fear-based. Hence, we feel anxious when taking action; tend to avoid taking risks, go for what is pain relieving rather than results achieving. This is manifested in our pursuit of working on formulas and shortcuts at the expense of the process that takes time and effort and results in either profiting or losing. Whether we are painting a picture, playing golf or even sewing clothes, resisting the pains that trials bring causes us great suffering.

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Success is a process that takes place through set of trials and errors. We need to go against the grain of our early conditioning and embrace learning. To start with, we need to replace the fear of failure with the desire for success. Love the mere idea of being the best in your profession. Love floods you with the passion to master whatever you put your mind to. Upon setting the vision of being the master, you will bear the difficulties, setbacks and temporary failures. They try to teach you something. Through accepting the lessons, you grow more adaptable, agile and ready to correct the course that you have chosen firsthand in order to reach your destination. By doing so, you will be a source of inspiration to those who lack the guts of taking decisions.

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Ratan Tata  understands how it is important to take a decision and make it right.  As a former chairman of Tata Sons, many stood against him when he decided to buyout the historic loss-making of Ford Motors two biggest brands; namely, Jaguar and Land Rover. Upon foreseeing the bleak future of the automobile industry, Ford decided to sell its two highly valued brands. Many global rivals avoid buying as the two brands were losing ground in the global market.

The buyout that was brought by Tata Motors under the leadership of Ratan was transformational for Tata Sons. But Ratan learned from many experiences that taking decisions make things happen. He first takes a decision and then makes it right. He believes that things may turn wrong in the beginning; still, he has to stand by this temporary failure and persist in order to make things right again. That belief inspires Tata to push through to turnaround loss-making brands into profitable ones in few years.

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Achieving success starts with taking a decision and sticking to it. That decision is derived from having a destination in mind. Implementation shows you when and how to correct courses in the face of failures. Being adaptive and agile are worth embracing in order to get to what you set your mind to achieve.

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