How Developing The Skill Of Persistence Is Crucial For Success

Posted On Apr 08, 2019

To keep going when everything seems to go against you is the hallmark of the chosen few. Those are the ones that take humanity to the next level. Not only did they fight to rise to the next level, they also bear the burden of lifting humanity to that new horizon. The process they run through is arduous and tricky. They run through agonizing suffering for the sake of achieving a worthwhile goal. Don’t let the overnight success of those chosen few prevent you from the fact that their path was anything but easy. They never give up, especially after recurring setbacks. They stick to their guns and remain in the battle and fight for what they believe long before victory is attained.

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Many of us, however, lack this quality of courageos persistence. Merely because of our disposition to ignore the natural law  of reaping and sowing. We tend to skip the steps, ask for easy formulas, look for shortcuts and depend on who we know as connections more than what we know. We then become slaves to the tangle of time that makes us less capable, weaker and trapped in deadlock jobs and relationships. We embrace the advantages of technology but refuse to abide by the other side of this coin. The other side is made up of the distractive power of technology as well as the habitual and uncreative patterns that technology brings.

The only few doggedly keep going even when everything is taken away from them. It is their sheer tenacity in moving ahead in spite of obstacles, difficulties and discouragement. They believe in the process that takes time and effort. Theirs is a challenge-based perseverance not a fear-based  one. Fear entices us to do what is fun and easy but leads us nowhere. But the essence of this dogged tenacity is to continue performing and mastering what we do even if all the odds are against us. These odds are the external resistance as well as the internal one. Developing the inner strength of focusing attention on the task at hand, managing time efficiently and creating a plan and sticking to it is the only way to combat resistance.

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To move ahead we need to look back on the people who had the courage to overcome adversity. The gift of technology we enjoy now is because of a persistent man called Thomas Edison. The process of inventing the light bulb wasn’t done overnight. It took him 10,000 attempts to succeed. Surprisingly, Edison wasn’t convinced that he failed 9,999 times before finally succeeded. He simply discovered 9,999 ways that won’t help him reach his goal. He put more than 6,000 substances to the test before discovering that the carbonized cotton thread makes a nice filament for the electric light bulb.

Taking your life to the next level requires practicing the skill of persistence. It is disguised in the form of sacrificing your inner comfort and complacency . Such a skill motivates you to develop your inner strength of patience and discipline in order to share this gift with humanity.


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