How To Stop Being Rushed By Others Timelines

Posted On Mar 18, 2019

Running your own race on your own lane in your own timeline, is a challenge worth facing head on. That’s the highest priority task that got to be at the top of your agenda. It matches perfectly with Nature’s agenda: that everything comes to you when you are ripe; when you are mature. But society and the artificial part of you, your mind, have another conflicting agenda. It’s an agenda based on thousand years of conditioning to rush you to conform to society’s strict timeline. Therefore, your mind is caught up in the flow of time – in the future. What follows is either to accept society’s timeline or surrender to your innocent nature of being yourself and running your own race.

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Comparing yourself with others is the result of society’s early conditioning. For example, you are now 24 years old and still in college. By the time you will be graduated, you will be 27. Deep down in your heart, you are not convinced of the viability of academic studies: that’s why you are late. Your family and those you hang out with plant the seeds of comparison with your younger brother who finished his college at the age of 22. He got a high-paid job, got engaged and will get married in 2-year-time. Everyone is rushing you to follow your brother’s timeline. As such, you are not enjoying and blessing the moment you live right now mainly because of the breathless comparisons of others’ timelines.

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To really enjoy your life and live in your time zone is to stop comparing. Being 27, as our example shows, is not too late to achieve your dreams. Life itself is the wisest teacher. It sends its blessings in disguised forms. What appears to be a problem is but an opportunity that needs to be solved and worked upon. You will get out of these problems, upon facing them, more mature and wise. Only then you will learn that everything comes in its due time, everything comes when you understand the lessons life throws at you. Everything will come when you deserve it. You just need to be disciplined in what you do and patient in order to get what you dream of.

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Our guest today is an epitome of following his timeline rather than others footsteps. After spending his youth as a volunteer in World War I, he started the career of selling paper cups and milk shake machines. Upon meeting restaurant owners in California who need his milk shake machines, an idea comes into his mind. It comes the moment he saw how the restaurant is running smoothly and efficiently. Back then, Ray Kroc  was 53 years old. But this didn’t prevent him from joining forces with the owners of the restaurant.

It took Ray 6 years to be in full charge of the restaurant. At the age of 59, he purchased the restaurant and developed strict guidelines and procedures. His dedication helped him transform McDonald’s into the world’s largest and most profitable franchise. Ray’s lifetime opportunity comes to him after many years of crises and setbacks. But he has such a receptivity of learning, searching and enjoying life in the process.

To run your own race in life is to stop being rushed by others’ timelines. Upon believing and acting on this, a new dimension opens up. That dimension is to follow your own timeline that will reap rewards the moment you are ripe and mature enough.

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