How The State Of Flow Energizes Your Life

Posted in Personal Branding On Feb 11, 2019

Your happiness in life is self-made more than being borrowed from the external world. Those who espouse passion say that passion is everything. On the other side of the spectrum, we have the proponents of the skill set. They don’t believe in passion as much as in taking action and passion will follow. Still, I propose a middle way that will make your life worth living and enjoyable. I ask you to put your passion in what you do. Passion is not a thing to focus on but rather to get you going. To keep on going you need to develop the habit of going the extra mile.

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Your energy-consuming activities make your life less enjoyable. Have you caught yourself tired, anxious, and bored during your work hours? Your productivity suffers in consequence. When looking for reasons for such a problem, your mind looks for excuses such as the economy, or not being passionate about what you are doing, or the new challenge of managing a group of salesman. Being honest and going deeper, your soul guides you to the truth that though you’ve been chosen by top management to be a sales manager is the one thing stands in the way. Though you’ve been a master salesman is no guarantee to be a sales manager. The reason for this lethargy is that you are not up to the task. You need to master new skills to meet the challenge of being a manager.

Getting to the next level is to be passionate about paying attention to the task at hand. I am using passion here to bring attention to the stage. Passion comes from your heart. You are passionate now about bringing close attention to each step involved. You keep asking: is this step worth taking? Can I do it more efficiently? Your soul has started the process: your intuition told you being indifferent is due to the unmatch between the challenge and skills needed.  Believing in your intuition, you get to a new level of being passionate about the task at hand – that is your heart. Then, your mind starts the disciplined part; that is, controlling your attention and mastering the context. To be an integrated and whole is to make use of your soul, heart, mind and body.

Getting so deeply in whatever you do makes you lose track of time. The best manifestation of this is the renowned tennis player Serena Williams. When you watch her playing she seems to be so immersed in each movement so much so that she is unaware of the outside world. That’s what’s called by “flow.” It is the state of heightened energy due to the full involvement in an activity.

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Being happy and in a state of flow is totally an inner work. To reach that state you need to match the challenges that face you with developing a higher level of personal skills. When your skill matches the challenge, you will be fully engaged in the activity and experience flow frequently.

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