How Preparation Helps You Attract Opportunity Into Your Life

Posted in Personal Branding On May 09, 2019

Opportunity shows up in your life only when you do. To show up is your ultimate flowering of a seed that was planted many years back in time. You start with a belief early on in your life that opportunity will come somehow, somewhere into your life. Next, you design your life around that belief. Your passion gives you the power and energy to pursue a specific and less-traveled path. Your mind visualizes, sees and imagines how this opportunity looks like. Your mind imagines also the new version of you that needs to be updated in order to catch the opportunity when it arises. Counter to this visualizing part of your mind, the cautious part warns against the obstacles that lie ahead. This calculating part charts the course of improving the primitive version of YOU in order to be attractive enough to seduce the coming opportunity.

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Having misconceptions about how success looks like, let opportunities pass by. We think that opportunity and success is something we go after. We spend too much time and energy attracting opportunity. Our mindsets associate luck with opportunity. Mostly believe that luck is given not earned. Therefore, we look for the outside for a rescue in the form of opportunity instead for working on the inside for finding answers. We look outside for pursuing opportunities instead of first doing our homework.

To seduce and attract opportunities a consistent and persistent homework needs to made. You need to make a turnaround in terms of your mindset. You need to cultivate a mindset of attracting opportunity rather than pursuing it. First, you must be holistically prepared. You soul, heart, mind and body must work synergistically. It’s an inside-out preparation. Your soul believes from your early childhood that you are here to attract the opportunity that will manifest you uniqueness and individuality. That belief fuels your heart and drives passion towards developing your skills. Your emotions stirs your mind to visualize and chart the course worth pursuing. Your body now is ready to take action and materialize your soul’s belief, your heart’s passion, and your mind’s visualization.

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The well-known online entrepreneur, Eben Pagan has spent years studying opportunity. After interviewing countless numbers of successful entrepreneurs, self-made billionaires, Eben found a common thread that connects them all when it comes to opportunity. That thread is that they are adept at finding and creating opportunity. He came with the conclusion that though those entrepreneurs where mostly overwhelmed by opportunities especially of these times of change, they know how to prioritize and choose which opportunity to bet on.

Eben recent book, Opportunity shows us how humans can see opportunity in their imagination. How can we conceptualize opportunities on longer time horizons. He shows us also how opportunity is the way to “get leverage on yourself.” To improve yourself in order to be prepared for the moment of luck which is but an intersection of preparation and opportunity.

Opportunity shows up when we are prepared. Rather going after opportunities, turn around and develop your skills, work on refining the deficient parts of your character and mend your relationships. Only then can opportunity be attracted to you.

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