How to Upgrade Your Biological Operating System Before It’s too late

Posted in Transformation On Jan 30, 2023

The cancerous attack of AI is on its way to render most of the human race obsolete. The Darwinian economy that’s built on the premise of “survival of the fittest” has evolved recently. The premise was that if two people are alike, or two employees are alike, one of them is enough. The evolution now is that if two entities are alike, let’s say, one human being and one machine doing the same thing, one of them is enough. Most probably, the one to be done without will be the human. Simply because he is uncreative, orthodox, moody, and habitually uncommitted.

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It seems that the battlefield now is between humans and machines. But the challenge is, point of fact, between each one and his self. The challenge is not external but rather internal – between the ego-centric self in each of us, and its dormant soul, that calls him to renew, recharge and upgrade his version. That soul in each human being is akin to the operating system (OS) that brings the computer to life. The Operating system manages all of the software and hardware on the computer. Without the existence of this OS the computer is useless and dead and so is the soul to the human body.

When asked about the reasons for their early failures in business, some of the aspiring entrepreneurs responded that one crucial reason is that, by time, they lose their “mojo,” excitement, and clarity. They start out their business venture passionately but after some time they hit a rough patch and the process comes to a halt. Everything that was going great has turned out to be a hot frustrating mess. As your energy tanks you start doubting the big idea you have once obsessed about. You can’t help but think: “Maybe this wasn’t a good idea to start with.”

Some of the failing startups who reflects on their failures has come to breakthrough insights. One startup has come to a conclusion that when he is getting bored with his own stuff, he knows there’s come inner work for him to undertake. The reason he got to initiate this inner work is to be the best he can be. The initiation phase he espoused was that once he caught himself in a state of boredom, he goes inwards and gives himself more space through meditation, journaling, reading, or walking. Only then can he feel his motivation was recharged.

Activating your own operating system; that is your soul, will bring life to other areas of your life. Once your soul is ignited, through your actions, it’s easier to push through the discomfort. The challenge is to beat your enemy - that enemy is not the sweeping attack of AI but rather your self. Morphing from being a stagnant self to a lively soul is bound by a covenant of being committed to excellence in whatever you do. This morph into a transforming creative person is a 3-part recipe that feeds you along your turbulent journey. This recipe is made up of 3 parts: one part Committing, second part Detecting, and third part Creating. This mix will upgrade your soul.

The first part of this 3-part mix is Committing to excellence. This will be achieved by reviewing your habits. If you are not happy with the results you’ve got in all areas of your life, it’s time to go inwards and examine your habits. Start by being a witness and take snapshots of the different scenes in your life. Chances are: the way you do one thing is the way you do everything. If you are lazy at home, you most likely be as such at work, in relationships, and in whatever else you do in your life. Pay close attention to the small things in your life because it’s these small things that make a big difference.

Excellence that leads eventually to success does not require massive action. It simply requires being committed, not tomorrow, not next week, but now, to raise your standards and take your life to a whole new level. Next, build mini habits that can help you break the barriers of procrastination. Such tiny habits, when done deliberately, has a compounding effect in achieving remarkable results. The quality of your results depends on the quality of your habits.

The second part of this mix is to Detect your reason for being. It’s the why that you are brought into this planet earth. It has little to do with your vision and a lot to do with your purpose. You are here to answer the calling and to serve humanity armed with God-given talents. Your job is to detect your talent, develop it and turn it into a skill. Parallel to that, detect what value you can provide in order to earn a living. This value can’t be materialized by self-promoting yourself but by finding a problem people encounter and solve it for them for a profit.

Out of your purpose comes your vision, not the other way around. Your search for purpose and meaning for your life is a sign that your soul triggers you to grow. Vision is subjective and selfish while purpose is objective and more humane. You can spot being visionary from being obsessed with results at the expense of the process itself. When you become too focused on the result you want to achieve, you push yourself unconsciously into a negative mindset. If your goal is to lose 10 pounds, for instance, and you become consumed with this goal you subconsciously tell yourself “I won’t be happy until I reach that goal.”

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Our third part of the mix is to Create a sense of urgency in your life. Once you detect your purpose in life everything changes. You will come to a shocking realization that your life is short compared to the mission you need to accomplish and the value you want to provide. You are now in the business of serving what people need before what you want. You are sent into this universe to make a difference in the lives of others in a very short time. That’s what your soul is telling you. You are a once-in-a-lifetime visitor to this planet. You are unique and not like anyone else. You are not superior not inferior, simply unique.

The sure sign that you are on the right track is the degree of your intensity of living. When you go into doing everything, you go wholeheartedly. You feel that you are part of the whole not divisible or separated. Your burning desire is to be of service to others without spreading out by many desires. Such desires pull you apart and make you miserable and fragmented. Living intensely will transform you from a selfishly materialistic self into a caring spiritual being and form an ordinary person into an extraordinary.

The sweeping attack of AI prompts us to challenge ourselves. The only way to make this attack irrelevant is to attack ourselves and be the best in whatever we do. Being the best is the demand of your soul that helps you commit to excellence by examining your bad habits and ingraining good ones. Your soul guides you towards finding purpose and being valuable for others along with achieving, in a short period of time, what you are summoned on this earth to do.

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